Jonny Running to Noosa for Some Beach Weekend Bliss...

22 May 2018
Jonny Running to Noosa for Some Beach Weekend Bliss...

One third of Australian hip hop trio BlissnEso, MC Bliss, is making a welcome appearance at the inaugural Runaway Noosa Marathon (26 May) and fans will get multiple opportunities to cheer him on and track his progress over the multi-loop half marathon course.

Bliss is taking a break from the recording studio and he and his mates couldn’t think of a better place to chill out than stunning Noosa.

“I have a couple of friends that were doing Runaway Noosa Marathon and they mentioned it to me and they were like ‘Hey, we are doing this half marathon coming up in May and it could be a cool thing to be involved with’.”

“I have done a bit of running in the past and it is a great thing to get out and clear the head. I enjoy it, so I thought why not? It's something to keep me on track and to give me a goal. It was about six months ago that I committed to do it so here we are. Time has flown. The training has been pretty good but I did develop a bit of heel injury so lately I haven’t been that active. But I have been pretty heavy in the gym and eating well, so my fitness has improved dramatically.”

“We are currently working on a brand new album and have been in the studio for the last couple of weeks working on that. The album is sounding super good and we're pretty excited to be releasing it later on in the year. So heading to Runaway Noosa Marathon is a welcome little time off from the studio to have a cheeky weekend in Noosa and enjoy the beautiful weather.”

All the years of touring takes a toll on performers, especially those as active as Bliss, so this year he committed himself to being healthy.

“Runaway Noosa Marathon has been a really great little goal of mine. So in the lead up to this event, I focused on staying active, hitting the gym and eating well. To be honest it has been a great mental thing for me and I am stoked to a part of it.”

“With touring it is important to stay fit. We jump around like crazy kids on stage and have a pretty energetic show so it helps to have a happy healthy lifestyle. If you want to see any kind of longevity in music you have to be healthy. You can only keep up the rock n roll lifestyle for so long. We are coming up to our 20th anniversary soon which is a long time in the game. Your body is a temple, man, you have gotta take care of it. This is going to be a great event, so I am stoked,” he said.

BlissnEso have been Noosa regulars for many years and the good news for local fans is that they are heading back to perform soon.

“We have been coming to the Sunny Coast for years and love it and have a big fan base up there. It is always a wonderful show and we will be back this year at some point.”

“Maybe they can play some BlissnEso as we are running along the course. That would be pretty funny, I would definitely have a giggle. I am also bringing my surfboard up, so hopefully I will see a few locals out there,” Bliss said.

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